About EUCLID University


When EUCLID (Euclid University) was constituted as an intergovernmental organization and university in 2008, it was in part thanks to the contribution of the ULB which was a founding member of the original Euclid Consortium, the international network of universities entrusted to develop the initial programs. In the EUCLID University constitutive text, the Université Libre du Burkina is mentioned in the Statutes (published by the United Nations) as follows:

Having considered the fact that the Euclid Consortium was formed in 2005/2006 by means of international agreements between the Université Libre Internationale (Brussels, Belgium) / Université Libre du Burkina, the University of Bangui (Central African Republic), and the Ministry of Education of Chad / University of N’Djamena, under the High Stewardship of the Ambassador of the Central African Republic in Washington, D.C., Emmanuel Touaboy, and administered by the International Organization for Sustainable Development;

Today (2015), EUCLID has become a major intergovernmental university with headquarters in The Gambia, a fully vetted and registered treaty-based charter, and enjoying many partnerships and memberships. EUCLID remains a close partner of ULB and looks forward to further international developments preparing future civil servants and global leaders.


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